Meet Debra Burton Brown


Debra's passion for learning, transformation, and travel have taken her across the United States working with busy professionals like you.  For more than two decades, she has helped others blast through life's big and little frustrations.  Her program--K.A.L.M. Focus--has helped thousands of people in the U.S. and Canada develop new, confident strategies for overcoming the hassles of their business and personal lives.

Creating Choices

Sometimes life is like a pair of old jeans--comfortable and familiar.  That can feel good--most of the time. 

And then, sometimes, life is like a pair of jeans that no longer fits.  It's too tight or too outdated.

Ready for a great life fit?  Check out our resources for choosing and designing the life YOU want!

Beyond the Telling Stage

Business learning can be a check-list.  Attend the class and mark it off your "To Do" corporate objectives list.

Or, your team can choose tailored, blended learning that translates into action.

Check out the tailored programs you can create for your team

Are you ready for a change?

Winner's Track

You're an independent spirit. You map out a clear career path.  Or, if you are a solopreneur, you develop strategies for generating success and profit.

Has your current strategy run into a detour?  Is your plan taking longer than originally planned?  Is the financial gain starting to be more of a pain?

Check out our resources for getting back on track or for working smarter, not harder.

Your Work.       Your Life.         Your Design.